Welcome to our site. Our family has been owned by Mastiffs since 1994. We consider ourselves fortunate to have chosen this  particular breed to share our home. Mastiffs have such a presence about them and they leave so many wonderful memories in your heart.
When my husband and I first saw Mastiffs at a local dog show, we were hooked. They were so impressive to look at and we were surprised  at how gentle and calm they seemed. After some searching, we found a fantastic breeder to purchase our first puppy from. She became my mentor and dear friend and that baby boy started our love affair with this breed.
We have enjoyed showing some of our dogs in conformation , although we have found that nothing makes a Mastiff happier than being at home with the family. We also have been rescue volunteers for almost 10 years. Being able to care for a displaced Mastiff and find them a new, loving home is a very rewarding experience. There is a special place in my heart for each dog that I have fostered.
We currently are proud to have an active Therapy Dog as well. Walking into assisted living facilities with a Mastiff always brings lots of smiles. We also visit a local elementary school to help children build their confidence in reading. Mastiffs make great therapy dogs, they seem to have an innate way of knowing that they are there to make someone’s day a little brighter.
Several years ago we decided to add a French Bulldog to our family. He is such a sweet, silly boy. We have also fallen in love with this breed and have become rescue volunteers for French Bulldog Rescue Network. Our Mastiffs love to have Frenchie fosters in the house and everyone interacts well together.
The Mastiff breed is truly unique and while it has been a joy for us to own them, Mastiffs are not a breed for everyone. If you are interested in adding a Mastiff to your family, please research all aspects of the breed. See them first hand and realize that cute, little puppies grow incredibly fast into very large adults. Be prepared to make a life long commitment before going forward. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website , we hope you enjoy seeing our dogs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Cherry and Terry Flaherty
MCOA Members


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